Support & Distribution structure

Support structure & After-sales service

The relationship with our customers does not stop once an order has been delivered.
We place a premium on satisfied customers, so we go the extra mile to answer all your technical or user questions as fully as possible. We are there to help you as quickly as we can through our regional points of sale.

Guarantee, Maintenance & Repairs

Our high-quality service also involves a reliable after-sales service. Our technical experts handle the maintenance and all repairs of our products.
Our manufacturing is done with renowned partners in the hardware industry.
Final assembly is done in our labo in Ghent, Belgium.
We give a standard guarantee of 1 year, and we can increase this to 3 years with an optional maintenance contract.

We have all parts in stock, enabling a short turnaround period when you send your camera for repair. A backup camera can be sent during a planned annual maintenance.

Distribution structure

Our distribution is organised by region. We have local resellers and selected distributors to support you.
We are always interested to hear about additional distribution possibilities.

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