Our current Cyclocam high speed camera customers are located in 9 countries

80% of them are using the Cyclocam to better understand and further improve their own equipment.
Did you know that all 5 of the 5 largest food producers have at least one Cyclocam?
Or that 4 out of the top 10 Pharma companies are using a Cyclocam - with 2 other out of this list considering one?
A few well known example references are

Coca-Cola subcontracted can packers
Glaxo Smith Kline

"The Cyclocam helped me to finally fix a problem on our bottleneck which enabled us to increase our maximum speed by 14%"

10% of them are using the Cyclocam high speed camera to serve their own customers, eg.

Gea Process Engineering
JBT Foodtech

"With the Cyclocam, I could demonstrate that our equipment did what it had to do ... and that the issue was at another line! As a result, the customer ordered another machine from us!"

10% of them are using the Cyclocam to develop the future... Look at

Atos Worldline (Banksys bank transactions)
Qinetiq Space (Satellite development)

"It takes us only 10 minutes to get a good real-time hi-speed video of our project! Now that's what I call an improvement versus our previous camera."

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