The Cyclocam high speed camera in a nutshell:
  • Especially designed for cyclical processes
    (with your manufacturing equipment in mind!)
  • Direct, on-screen visualization for ease of use
  • Select the essential in real-time to win time
  • Easy to use, as we can not all be camera experts
  • Light, and battery feeded, to ensure great mobility
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Understand your manufacturing equipment ...

... while it is running at full, high speed
The Cyclocam high speed camera helps you fix production problems, improve your quality and increase your machine speed.

It is especially designed for cyclical manufacturing equipment:
Easy to use
As your ambition might not be to become a high speed camera expert, we made the Cyclocam high speed camera portable and easy to use: just take it, point it at the line and start filming to see the root cause of the issue. No need for an additional computer or worries about connections. Measure movements in miliseconds to tune your equipment.
Immediate on-screen visualization without vibrations
The movements are displayed directly on the Cyclocam high speed camera LCD-screen. In less than 5 minutes you see what you want to see! (You can also download your high speed movies to your PC - if you want to)
Focus on the essential
A hi-speed camera makes eg. a thousand images per second. As you can watch only 25 images per second, it would take you 40 seconds to watch each second. The Cyclocam high speed camera can skip parts of the cycle that are not interesting and reproduce only the interesting parts, saving you up to 90% 'watching'-time.
Modify your equipment in 'Real-time'
See in slow motion while you are filming, and adapt in the meantime the settings of your equipment on the spot. No waiting, no processing, no downloading. Just watch, interpret the problem and fix it while you're there.
To save lots of time, only the interesting parts of the cycle (a, b, c, …) are selected.
You can easily synchronize (internally or externally) your selection with the production machine, even without connecting any cable.
The selection is immediately displayed in slow motion on the screen, slowed down over the time span of a complete cycle, or even slower over multiple cycli.
Top-references in your industry use the Cyclocam high speed camera for industrial optimization to spend less 'troubleshooting' time, improve quality and reduce costs. Check them out!

Or send us a message to get further information, or to ask for a high speed camera demo to see how the Cyclocam can help you to optimize your manufacturing equipment and reduce costs:

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