Technical features of the Cyclocam high speed camera

We offer several packages based on your sector and troubleshooting needs. For example:

  • Basic Cyclocam pack:
    Portable Cyclocam, 90 min autonomy, 15 seconds of recording time, optionally including built-in LEDs.
    All you need to get started in real time high speed video.

    Preferred option for machine builders.

  • "Built-in"-pack CycloBox:
    Robust, aluminium version without screen nor battery, remotely controlled by PC, to build into your equipment! Multiple high speed camera's can be combined. We do develop additional intelligence to be triggered in the camera as joined projects with our customers.

  • "Easy" expert-Cyclocam pack:
    Top-end portable Cyclocam with 3 hours of autonomy, a full minute of recording time plus Long-Term Auto download function enabling you to leave the camera on guard for hours and hours until your external hard drive is full. Enabled to be remote-controlled, including built-in LED-lights.
    To catch those events that only happen from time to time. Everything to work comfortable and flexible!

    Recording rate 60 up to 10.000 fps and more depending on configuration, 200-2000 fps in most frequent range
    Shutter time Down to 20 microseconds (0,00002 seconds)
    Recording time Depending on configuration: 5 - 1000 secondes
    External Software Cyclo Control Software to download and share images
    Internal Software Cyclocam Board Software to control and display real time parts of manufacturing cycles
    Dimensions 110 x 50 X 190 mm (4,33” x 1,97” x 7,49”) (h x d x w)
    Display 145 mm (5,7”) diagonal with VGA-resolution
    Image sensor CMOS sensor VGA 640 x 480 pixels, 8-bit/pxl, adapted for industrial applications
    Trigger methods All industrial standard triggers: ROC, BROC, ring memory plus real time high speed
    I/O connector 2 digital input (trigger & stop), 1 digital output (shutter synchronized) and 1 analog input + 1 power line
    File transfer speed 100 Mbit/sec (optimised firmware/software gives a download of 10 Mb/sec)
    High speed camera modes 4 easy to use modes: Viewfinder, record mode, rewind and real time high speed mode
    Buttons 6 menu driven function keys for general setting, 4-way cross keypad and 3 function keys for real time high speed
    Battery Lithium ion battery pack with internal charging circuit
    Power supply 12V - 5A, charging adaptor included
    Lens Standard C-mount lens mount, a wide range of lenses available
    Memory 1, 2 or 4 Gigabyte fast on-board ram
      Specifications subject to change without notice

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