3 key differences of the Cyclocam vs other systems

1 - Easier to use, 2 - Real time, 3 - Industrial

1 - Easier to use

With your portable and easy to use Cyclocam high speed camera you can do an analysis in less than 10 minutes. The images can be displayed in slow motion on the LCD-screen while filming. Just take your Cyclocam high speed camera, point it at the line and start filming to see the root cause of the issue. No need for an additional computer or worries about connections. (check out the video!)

2 - Real Time

A hi-speed camera makes eg. a thousand images per second. As you can see only 25 images per second, it takes you 40 seconds to watch each second. The Cyclocam high speed camera can skip all non-interesting parts, saving you up to 90% 'watching'-time. (Globally patented)
Record and play simultanuously: See in slow motion while you are filming, and tweak your equipment on the spot. No waiting, no processing, no downloading. Just watch, understand and fix.
With a traditional high-speed camera, the process is much more complicated: all images must first be filmed, stored and potentially manipulated before you can watch them, often even after transfer to a pc. With a Cyclocam you can even record an event WHILE your are playing back a previous recording - we all know Murphy's law ... things happen while you're looking at something else!

3 - Industrial

The Cyclocam is designed for use on cyclical, manufacturing equipment. It is constructed to handle all normal use in an environment which might contain dust, moist or oil particles. The inside of the Cyclocam is coated with a reflecting metallic layer to enable it to work under electrostatic emmissions often generated by your equipment. Below an example of a cyclical event:

Top-references in your industry use the Cyclocam for industrial optimization to spend less 'troubleshooting' time, improve their quality and reduce their costs. Check them out!      

Or send us a message to get further information or a demo about how the Cyclocam can help optimize your manufacturing equipment and reduce your costs:

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