How we started to build our Easy, Industrial and Real-Time high speed camera...

Long, long ago, I was working in a factory as a maintenance technician.
I was responsible to keep the production lines running, so I did everything to do so:
I replaced parts, I scrambled to be on time during critical stops, I did weekend shifts to make sure the replacements happened, and a lot, lot more.
Especially when things were moving too fast to see, I had to guess a lot. Sometimes it worked ... but more often not.

So we bought a top high speed camera and started to really improve the line based on our new insights. As I loved to actually see things while they were moving, I became a high speed camera specialist to solve the root cause of problems at manufacturing lines.
Business went well, and customers asked me to also sell them these high speed cameras.
And then it went wrong: unhappy customers complained that it was to heavy, to difficult and to cumbersome to use.
They just invested in a very usefull tool ... which remained in the box!

I started my search for the ideal troubleshooting high speed camera ...
and I did not find it.

So I decided to create my own. Based on more then 10 years of technician experience at lots of different customers, I knew it had to be Easy, Industrial and Real Time, so I designed all the functions that my ideal camera required.
With a group of investors, "I" became "we", and we hired our first engineer to help with development.
As the team grew, we further improved the camera ... and the first Cyclocam was born!

The Cyclocam quickly became a reference tool at the local (beer) bottling companies.
Then the food manufacturing, FMCG and pharma companies followed.
Today, the Cyclocam high speed camera is used in lots of countries, in different industries and by internationally renowned customers - with an international network of selected distributors and resellers.
Check a couple of them out at our references, or get in touch to learn more about how the Cyclocam can help you to see the things you need to see:

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