Production problems? Too much waste or downtime? Want to increase production speed or are you considering an industrial high speed camera?

Check out this 1 minute business case on how Gert-Jan gained fifty million extra tablets production capacity by measuring time:

A Cyclocam high speed camera enables you to do this easier, faster and safer!

During production and packaging, your machines make a large number of short, repetitive movements.

Different types of malfunctioning occur. Result: part of the produced goods is not suitable for use or sale, and has to be reworked or thrown away. It might even stop the entire manufacturing line!

Most equipment also operates below its optimal level: each unit you produce, you lose tenths of a second...

This means lots of lost time at large production volumes while your machine can run better and faster!

'Intuition' combined with ‘trial and error’ can usually more or less fix the symptoms, but the root cause remains unknown... and the bottleneck does not go away.

Don't you want to see the real problem in slow motion? Don't you want to understand and measure the real cause, so that you can really fix it and go home on time?

Or do you want to increase the line speed and production volumes without adding production lines?

Cyclical filming in slow-motion allows studying the problems carefully. It enables you to measure the timings of your equipment in milliseconds.

Top-references in your industry use the Cyclocam high speed camera for industrial optimization to spend less 'troubleshooting' time, to improve quality and to reduce costs.

Want to know more about Cyclocam?

Want to see sample movies by the Cyclocam?

Or send us a message to request further information and a pricelist, or ask a demo to see how the Cyclocam can help you optimize your manufacturing equipment and reduce your costs:


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The movement is displayed directly in slow motion on the LCD-screen of the camera.
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